Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a disease in which cells in the breast grow out of control. Generally, these abnormal cells (cancer cells) grow more rapidly and can invade the tissue around them. They may spread to other parts of the body using your bloodstream or lymphatic system. In addition, the cancer may return after a period of remission. As a result, they may interfere with the body functions and destroy the key organs (like lungs and brain).

In the last three decades, there have been many clinical and experimental studies on the uses of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture as a complementary medicine for breast cancer in China and other countries. The studies involved the efficiency and safety of these Chinese medicine approaches and some underlying therapeutic mechanisms were revealed.  

If you have any questions regarding how Chinese Medicine can help you manage Breast cancer feel free to contact us.

The conditions we focus on


We have primary experience on supportive care of the following symptoms or conditions associated with breast cancer:

  • Some side effects that may be caused by hormone therapy such as mood swings, depression, hot flashes or tiredness.

  • Some side effects that may occur during or after chemotherapy, such as leukopenia, fatigue and weakness, indigestion (nausea & vomiting, loss of appetite or abnormal bowels), poor memory and concentration (chemo-brain).

  • Some side effects that may occur during or after radiotherapy, such as leukopenia, dry mouth and sore throat or fatigue.

  • The condition is “stable” or in a “no treatment” period but needs a maintenance care.

  • The condition remains at higher risk of recurrence after conventional treatments and needs a preventive care.


If you have organ failures, acute respiratory failure, bleeding, very poor performance status, severe neutropenia or severe infection, you must seek emergency treatment immediately. Our service doesn’t cover the severe conditions.


The treatments we provide

Chinese herbal medicine: we have primarily used Chinese herbal medicine for relieving some symptoms associated with cancer or possible symptoms induced by conventional cancer treatments. We also commonly use Chinese herbal medicine as a maintenance care and preventive care for breast cancer patients. We usually use raw herbs, herbal granules or capsules for our clients. All herbal prescriptions are designed for individuals.

Acupuncture: we use acupuncture in conjunction with Chinese herbal medicine for relieving fatigue and tiredness, hot flashes, nausea and vomiting, or depression. Our specific techniques for these symptoms may be integrated needling acupuncture with moxibustion, or ear acupuncture according to different individuals.

Research revealed that Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture might boost immune functions by stimulating lymphocytes (such as T cells and NK cells) and cytokines (such as TNF). Some Chinese herbal medicines might also inhibit the growth and spreading of cancer cells by inducing apoptosis (a form of programmed cell death), and inhibiting cancer angiogenesis (the development of new blood vessels).

Advice on diets and lifestyles: we provide advice on diets and lifestyles for our clients, especially based on the holistic concept of Chinese medicine.  

Please note that the Chinese medicine used for cancer patients is a complementary approach, NOT to replace any conventional treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.  

Expected outcomes

The outcome of the Chinese medicine managements depends on the stage and aggressiveness of the cancer, your performance status and your treatment adherence. Generally, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture may minimize some symptoms such as fatigue, hot flashes or indigestion, and maintain better quality of life.   

Please note that maintenance care and preventive care with Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture are important during stable or remission stage of the disease. These cares may be undertaken for months or years based on different individuals.   


Our advantages

  • Dr. Henry Liang has clinical experience in hospital in China and in Australia clinics for over 30 years.

  • He was awarded his PhD at RMIT University in 2003 with a research topic on anticancer Chinese herbal medicines.

  • Dr. Henry Liang was the key teacher and unit coordinator for Clinical Oncology and Chinese Medicine at Western Sydney University.

  • As a university academic and researcher, Dr. Henry Liang can update and improve the therapeutic approaches from time to time to meet individual’s needs. 

  • He is the visiting professor at the Tumour Research Institute of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine in China.      


Costs of the treatments

The initial visit is a longer consultation up to 40 minutes which is basically to make a strategic plan. Subsequent visits up to 20 minutes are to review the conditions and to modify the treatment plan if necessary. Current fees are as follows:   

  • Initial consultation fee: $180

  • Follow-up consultation fee: $60

  • The cost of the herbs is generally from $9 to $18 per day

  • Acupuncture fee: $85


Please note that acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are not covered by Medicare. It is covered by many private health funds including Bupa, HCF, Medibank Private, NIB, and many more. Your coverage depends on your insurance policy.